Business flights with executive aircraft europe-wide

Do you regularly have to go on journeys which are too much trouble or too time-consuming for you to undertake them by car or by train? Are there no direct connections to your desired destination or do existing airline schedules restrict your flexibility too much?

Perhaps you have occasionally thought about your own individual use of an aeroplane for business or you have come across this practice in other companies. In the following, we would like to give you some introductory information on successful utilisation of a business plane.

Making use of a business plane offers you completely new opportunities. You take your car and drive direct to your aeroplane at Bielefeld Airfield. No hassle with checking in, no delays, in a few minutes you are airborne. From Bielefeld you can fly direct to hundreds of airfields in Germany, to thousands in Europe. The time in the aircraft you can spend working or relaxing, while experienced professional pilots fly you safely to your destination at speeds of between 300 and 600 km per hour, depending on the type of plane being used. Combining several destinations is also possible and you always retain the freedom to change your plans at short notice. It is not the flight schedule which determines your appointments; you determine your own flight schedule! It is particularly destinations within greater Europe which can only be reached on a one-day trip in this way.

If you have not yet made use of a business plane, it makes sense to charter an aircraft as a first step. Without committing yourself to anything long-term, you can first of all assess precisely what advantages this means of transport offers you and to what extent you can use it. We would be happy to advise you in this respect and to set up relevant contacts.

If in the course of time increasing use is made of an aeroplane, then the acquisition of one’s own plane is often contemplated. There is also the option of running one’s own plane together with other concerns in order to make full use of it. In all these matters we can offer you a helping hand against the background of our experience.

We would be delighted if this initial information has aroused your interest and we would naturally be happy to give more concrete support to the resolution of your personal requirements. Just email to .